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The next guest on our season finale of bytes podcast is none other than....



That left picture brings back so many memories. 



Love love love Katie! Not surprised she has no interest in returning to the show but I’m glad to hear how happy she is. Hahah

This Katie interview is awesome.

Wait I'm shook! You interviewed Queen Cara from real world: Chicago??! Omg yaaaassss I loved her! She was beautiful ❤️

Mallory sounds out of breathe but I loved her! 

Finally listned to the Katie interview.  God I miss her...she was always one of my favs.  Sad she has 100% moved on, she was always fun to watch on her seasons.  Glad she has a great life going on now!  I do like the idea of a mom's weekend challenge lol that'd be a fun special to watch.  1 weekend, a bunch of iconic vets, do it MTV! 

I haven't been on Vevmo much lately, but holy shit I gotta listen to Katie's.

KATIE!!! I have to listen soon omg I fucking love her

thoughts on the katie interview?

thoughts on the katie interview?

I thought it was a good interview in terms of I got everything I want out of it. I'd probably say sound a bit more engaged when interviewing. You probably were tired (which can't be mad at you like that), but there should be a bit more enthusiasm.