Real World/Road Rules/The Challenge: Alumni Interviews

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I'm glad y'all are enjoying the interviews. Please support us and continue to shoutout us on social media. We have more interviews coming, please don't ask when they're dropping. Just know THEY'RE COMING Smile

I'm glad y'all are enjoying the interviews. Please support us and continue to shoutout us on social media. We have more interviews coming, please don't ask when they're dropping. Just know THEY'RE COMING Smile

yes! And I will be here for it.

Come Thruuuu

Are any of these droppin soon

About halfway through the Leah interview. This probs my favorite one so far. King Lowell asking the real questions about Julie. I sip. Amazing interview.Is Leah from around the same area as Laurel because they both kinda have the same speaking mannerisms. They just sound similar to me. 

I don't think Laurel is from Long Island, which Leah is.

Two possibly dropping today 

Two possibly dropping today 


Two possibly dropping today 

Hoping one of them is Cara. Lol

Cara interview added

can't wait to listen!!

Great interview!!! Shes so funny and real. Wjsh her and keri were still close

I love her tonya bashing

I love her tonya bashing

She was sweet about it too like wtf.

Loved the interview!  I like how she was like "screw it, ill air it all out , it was 15 years ago, no one cares" lmaoo   Glad shes not bitter anymore ,. I think her looking back at it, it wasnt THAT bad what she was doing  

I believe I got into an argument with somebody on the site or somewhere else about Cara doing challenges. I firmly remember her always saying no on the first call and ignoring them. I think Keri may have been the one who said yes then dropped though.  So funny though and I loved her honesty about that.  

The story about her husband was pretty interesting too

I have never seen Chicago and have no relation to Cara besides the girl who never did a Challenge cause she didn't like her edit (was it overly sexual?) but I've seen pictures of her and think she's drop dead gorgeous. I'm honestly not gonna listen unless I somehow watch Chicago just cause I don't know who she is really lol but I'm glad it was a good interview

I too have never seen Chicago but I do appreciate her doing an interview so long after. I'm glad she confirmed the 9/11 rumor. Makes sense that it didn't seem natural simply bc it was a weird production day and they never had TVs. I love that she still keeps in touch with everyone BUT TONYA LMAO. Awesome that she's still pretty close with Slayneesa. She seems like an overall cool person

So sad to hear that Cara never once considered doing a challenge. Haha. But after hearing what her feelings were like while the show aired, can't say I blame her. Plus she said that she isn't competitive and was never an athlete. And I laughed so hard when she said that she would have sucked. But I'm happy to hear that she and Aneesa are still gal pals and that she watches the challenge to cheer her on. Hahah

Brooke interview added. 



YES! I'm gonna listen to this right now!

Yes! I'll certainly give it a listen when I get home 

Cant wait to listen

Thoughts on the Brooke interview 

YES QUEEN BROOKE! One of my favs, can't wait to listen. 

Thoughts on the Brooke interview 

Shit went down and I didn't get to listen yet. Lmao tomorrow I'm def gonna give it my time. Love Brooke.

Thoughts on the Brooke interview 

I thought the interview was ok. I did feel like she trailed off alot and there wasn't enough time to ask more questions. I don't think she ever spoke in detail her relationship with the roommates. Would have loved to hear her side of the story if what happened with Evelyn. And I would have liked more detail on her experience during the challenges she was on.

Not surprised she is done with challenges. Never felt they were really her thing anyways.

Wow, listening to the Shane podcast first. Great work, and appreciate the time/effort

Didn’t care for the Brooke interview. Girl, how are you going to say they edited to make you the crazy bitch because you didn’t hook up with Alex? You WERE the crazy bitch! And this is coming from someone who liked her. Overall it was boring she didn’t talk about Much.

because all I have left is GREG. YUCK.


i don't think Brooke's interview was boring in the least bit ( we dropped an interview with one alum it was a complete snoozefest). Brooke is in a different space than she was 11 years ago. We have to respect the fact that these people are probably (although some aren't) in a different mind frame now, than they were 5, 10+ years ago. When myself and Drew reach out to the alum to do the interviews, and they respond/accept, and when we're going through the confirmation process. We ALWAYS ask them if there is a certain subject that is off limits, and yes certain things were off limits when it came to brooke. I respect that because at the end of the day they're regular people.