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Loooool. So many memories.

One of my favorite games. I finessed the hell out of this game. Til Darkfights screwed me over at the end.Seems to be a trend with me lately playing these things lol.

Shoulda stuck with the winning team, hoe. *Shrugs*

I love how I was all over "you're playing for 9th place now! Have fun at 9th."

What place did I get? 9th.

I still remember when RLK put that she owned a football team as her truth on that truth or lie challenge and everyone was like "This bitch is full of shit" lmfao

Still trying to figure out which team's owner can't spell. 

This is the ONE game I regret not saying yes to lmaooo 

I'm never going to forgive you for dropping out lolol Jamie was devastated.

This game was so much fun  <3 I'm way too busy to host another one so whoever wants to host a Vevmoney 2, I give you all the rights haha 

Graphik BETTER play I LOVE VEVMONEY 2 #comingsoon

Graphik BETTER play I LOVE VEVMONEY 2 #comingsoon

The dream team Justin and jamie better host it.

Graphik BETTER play I LOVE VEVMONEY 2 #comingsoon