The Challenge: Invasion (REUNION SPOILERS)

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Why so much Laurel/Nicole hate? Who cares what anyone looks like. Love is love and no one knows what happens behind closed doors

gamer73 wrote:

WesAndLeRoy wrote:I feel like Laurel might be going to Challenge 30, only because Nicole is probably going, and she's afraid of how Nicole will act without her there. 


nicole just joined the FDNY it would be odd to ask for time off right away. I don't think she'll be there 


i wonder who has the worst anger issues out of cory, nelson, and hunter. 

I really don't mind Cara Maria coming back, she's is top 5 best female competitors in Challenge history and she is very nice to look at .


I enjoy female eye candy . We need that on the challenge. 

Lol at cara maria being top 5 in challenge history....