Big Brother Vevmo Takeover 2- The House Thread

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Morris1721 wrote:

Lurker I'm curious, did you know IF was the reason I targeted you so much? 

I thought i had told you to target Lurker week 2 but i never actually did. You had brought Lurker up first and i was never the reason you were after him. 

Just thought i'd clear that up.

Well I clearly stated that I was leaning towards Lurker, because he was a good competitor, as stated. The following message you completely agreed and even mentioned trying to rally more votes to get him out lol. And then after this, you constantly pushed to get him out.. So, if we're clearing things up.. there's my say.

Kajun wrote:

TylerLovesTyler3 wrote:

Kajun wrote:Either way Badlad aint nothing but a runner-up.

and you're a Chick-Fil-A runner up

You know you are a legend when they start making fan fics about you.

Don't make us get Graphik in here now. Behave little kajun and he won't make you run anymore.

Who is Graphik?

Love you Josh and Semi <33333333

JJ and I are so cute in his avi ❤️


Congratulations Kajun, well deserved.  <3

Congratulations Kajun, well deserved.  <3