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HoH Competition #3

"Anybody Want Cake?"

Tonights Competition is called "Anybody Want Cake?" 

Yesterday 5 gifs of infamous BB fights were posted on the Memory Wall. I will ask 8 true or false questions related to the gifs. Whoever survives the most questions will win Head of HouseHold.

Alad, as Outgoing HoH you are ineligible to compete tonight.

Here's How It Works

1. I will ask a total of 8 questions. There is 1 tie-breaker.

2. The answer will be either "True" or "False"

3. If you get the answer correct you will remain in the competition. Get it wrong and you will be eliminated.

4. Again, 30 second time-limit on submitting your answer.

Any Questions?

We answer in our DR?

We answer in our DR?

Yes, submit your answers in the DR.

Are we ready for our first question? I'll need at least 6 "ready" to continue.


Ready Freddy 




Question 1: True

3 more ready's and we begin.




Fuck it, coming up.

Question 1: In Gif2, there are two road signs on the wall. True or False?

The answer was TRUE. Camilinator, DAF, Morris, Kajun, Ryan you have all been eliminated.

Question 2: True or False, In Gif3, there are two people wearing glasses?

Fuck who is left lmao 

Ok my b. That was question 2, but you all got it right. You all move on. 

People left: Josh, Lurker, IF, Badlad, DV

Question 3: True or False, In Gif4, there are 3 people wearing white shirts?

The correct answer is TRUE.

Lurker and Dash have been eliminated.

Question 4: True or False, In Gif1, the man was wearing a green towel?

You all got it correct, you all move on.

Still Left: Badladjj, InternationalFan, Josh8793

Question 5: True or False, In Gif2, the red-headed woman's shirt is blue?

Correct answer was FALSE her shirt was purple.

You all got it correct.

Question 6: True or False, In Gif4, there are 12 people present in the backyard?

I need you guys to lock in your answers NOW

Correct answer was FALSE, there were 11.

Youre all right, you all move on.


Question 7: True or False, In Gif5, there are two framed pictures on the wall?


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