Real World: Stephen Seattle Gay?

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Real World: Stephen Seattle Gay?

So with all of the excitement over the house meeting on the episode tomorrow night, I checked out the Real World: Seattle page to refresh my memory of how the meeting went down when Stephen slapped Irene.

And I was SHOCKED to learn that according to wikipedia, Stephen was arrested in 2001 for prostitution. HOMOSEXUAL prostitution. Which I find hilarious being that Irene calling him gay is what set him off so much in the first place!! Did she touch a little too close to home there??? Or maybe colleges didn't want a woman slapper to come and speak on their campus like other Real World alum do and he was just THAT broke?? Either way, I would have loved to know Irene's reaction when she found out! Sorry if this old news to you guys, but I had never heard this til now!

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That's pretty cool gossip. I definitely picked up on that gay vibe during the show, but I think it was bad of Irene to tease him about it. That's a very sensitive subject for people--and to basically out him/emasculate him on national TV and all, not cool.
but no one get your panties in a tizzy, I don't think he should've slapped the girl or thrown her poor teddy bear into the harbor.

This was obvious, but I agree with the previous poster that this should have been uber closet material.

P.s. You can thank me later for the arrest complaint Katie :D

Thank You!!! :)

Blood in the water...blood in the water!

Yeah it was so obvious to me, but it wasn't something that should should make fun of him for or even called him out on in a derogotory (sp?) way...maybe Irene was who inspired Perez Hilton to start outing Celebs!

stacee_danielle;2609 wrote:

Yeah it was so obvious to me, but it wasn't something that should should make fun of him for or even called him out on in a derogotory (sp?) way...maybe Irene was who inspired Perez Hilton to start outing Celebs!

I agree that it should not be made fun of, and I really disliked Irene almost as much as Stephen did, but if you go on a reality show on national television and are going to try and remain closeted - GOOD LUCK!

With 2+ million viewers (at least back then) someone's gaydar is going to go off.

Then again, maybe the arrest was just one big misunderstanding? ;)

A classic (and personal favorite) Onion article:


Area Homosexual Thinks He's Still In The Closet

TOLEDO, OH—Despite the fact that everyone he meets obviously assumes he is gay, 34-year-old Toledo-area homosexual Jeremy Schuitt still thinks he's in the closet, local sources reported Tuesday.

Unwittingly out-of-the-closet homosexual Jeremy Schuitt.

A graphic designer who secretly frequents Cruisers, a local dance club, Schuitt has told only four people about his homosexuality. However, nearly all of his friends, co-workers and relatives are well aware of it, as is the clerk at the neighborhood Starbucks where Schuitt orders a "double mocha 'capp' in [a] paper [cup]" every day before work.

"Jeremy is a very nice guy, and I totally support his sexual orientation," said co-worker Diane Pulaski, one of the countless people to whom Schuitt has not come out. "I think it's great that he's so open about it."

Though Schuitt denies dating men and feigns ignorance of gay culture, his extensive collection of handpainted Italian tiles and love of Stephen Sondheim are well-known.

Among the many other indicators that have tipped off the world to Schuitt's homosexuality include his running commentary on footwear, his constant playing of the Pet Shop Boys' Very on the mini CD boom box at his workstation, his standard greeting of "And how are we doing today?" and the week-long depression he fell into following Princess Diana's death.

"Sadly, we still live in a largely homophobic society, so there are many reasons why an individual would choose to hide his gayness," said magazine editor James Allenby, for whom Schuitt frequently does freelance graphic-design work. "That's why I applaud Jeremy's decision to just let it all hang out. He's so incredibly fun and flamboyant."

As people get to know Schuitt better, however, they inevitably discover that his openness is purely accidental.

"What can I say? I just adore Paris," Schuitt told co-worker Geri Hahn recently. "The Seine, The Louvre, Jean-Paul Gaultier—I'd die to live there someday."

"That is," Schuitt added, "assuming my girlfriend Jackie would want to move there, too."

Schuitt's invention of "Jacqueline"—his French-Canadian fiancée currently touring Canada with the Montreal Ballet—is just one of the many cover stories Schuitt has created to hide his homosexuality from those in whom he cannot confide.

The interior of Schuitt's four-room apartment, which his friends said "screams, 'Look, I'm gay!'"

Unbeknownst to Schuitt, every one of his efforts has been unsuccessful. Even those friends who have not accidentally found Manhole Magazine's 1998 Boy-Toy Revue video Schuitt keeps hidden behind his entertainment center have noted the other tell-tale signs of homosexuality around his apartment, such his extensive collection of pierrot figurines and coordinated futon cover and curtain set.

Progressive and open-minded, Schuitt's friends have fully accepted his closeted status and have tried to create a comfortable environment for his sexual denial. But despite their open-mindedness, many of these friends were shocked and uncomfortable upon discovering that Schuitt was not yet "out."

"Of course, I've always respected his right to privacy regarding that very personal decision," friend Erin Chance said. "But there's no doubt about it--he's gay. Not just a little gay, really gay."

Chance is among the many people who, upon meeting Schuitt, told him that they "have lots of gay friends," only to have the closeted man nervously reply that he thinks his sister might have a gay friend.

"I felt a little embarrassed for just assuming, but how was I supposed to know?" Chance said. "My gaydar tells me he's way out of the closet."

Janice Sharperson is among the four friends whom Schuitt, in moments of abandon, has told, "I'm not sure, but sometimes I think I might be bisexual."

"Big shocker, huh?" Sharperson said. "I know it makes sense that he'd be used to hiding it after growing up Catholic in a small town, but we're all secretly rooting for him to come out. It's getting kind of weird acting like we don't know that everyone knows he likes men."

Even Schuitt's distant relatives are aware of his homosexuality.

"Last fall, at his cousin Bryan's wedding, Jeremy stood up to make an announcement," said Bea Langan, Schuitt's great aunt. "I thought for sure he was going to tell us all his little 'secret,' but instead he told us that his girlfriend unfortunately couldn't make it because she had pneumonia. Oh, well. Maybe next time."

Schuitt, who first realized he was attracted to males in high school, has been perceived as gay since fifth or sixth grade.

"Jeremy is one of those students I'll never forget," said Marcia Krause, Schuitt's middle-school drama teacher. "He was so sweet and so talented--you should have seen him in Pippin. I wonder where he is now. San Francisco or the West Village, I suppose."

Source: [URL=""]The Onion[/URL]

I think my sisters ex-boyfriend (as of 2 days ago) is really deep in the closet but I am not one to put people on blast like that so I let it go. Yesterday she told me she thinks he is because of the way he and his best friend (who is defintely gay) play around in the halls and stuff, she said it embarasses her and that is why she broke up with him. I feel so bad for her sometimes, she always dates guys who "need to be fixed" LOL

Anonymous (not verified)

^That's wierd. But yeah I knew Stephen was gay. What about the other one from LV cast who worked in a gay bar?

renaldob;2892 wrote:

^That's wierd. But yeah I knew Stephen was gay. What about the other one from LV cast who worked in a gay bar?

that was Steven Hill...wasn't he arrested for something similar?

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm not sure. Thats why I was asking you, :P I mean I never heard of anyone working in a gay bar who at the very least is not bisexual.

renaldob;2895 wrote:

I'm not sure. Thats why I was asking you, :P I mean I never heard of anyone working in a gay bar who at the very least is not bisexual.

I agree...

stephen (seattle) his door to me was all blown wide open since his season. how he doin!!

interesting how they could cast someone who thought they were straight and they end up gay later on in life. Or maybe he was originally meant to be the gay cast member of the season and then he went back in the closet. LOL wasn't Kevin from rw b2ny the same way? he was actually gay but didn't want that to be shown on television. I mean he did reject that one hot chick supposedelly...?

Actually he showed up with his husband at the Real World Mega Reunion/Awards, they even showed how other cast members were still pretty mad at him. Eh, they need to get over cause its happened way back when, its dust dunzo OVER!!!!

Kevin is gay? He was dating a girl on the show though. He could've been in the closet though?

Well I'm not sure either but I heard rumors that he made out with guys at gay bars and things like that. LOL he could of been heavily closeted during that time and didn't want that part of him shown. IDK bc how could they have done a season in New York City and not cast 1 single gay person??? Stephen from Seattle is a perfect example how they can cast someone who says there straight but later on comes out as gay lol or maybe Stephen knew he was gay but didn't want that part of him shown on national television, maybe Kevin was the same way?

Funny, never heard about Keving being gay. But he seems to be really secretive and never does anything RW-lated so who knows? He could just want his private life to be just that, private. Another former RW'er who was rumoured to be gay was Jay from The Real World London. Supposedly on Tubescan some posters that knew him said it was a fact and they even had a pic of him and his supposed boyfriend together. That would be interesting because London was another season without a gay roomie. Stephen was obvious but he barely came out well after his season.

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