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They're smart though for not making Ultra Sun and Moon on the switch. Give people time to buy the console and then bring Pokemon to it next year when it's established and has enough units sold out in the world

At this point, the creators of Pokemon & Digimon need to collaborate lmaoooooo Pokemon is so far removed from what we grew up on in the 90's/early 00's.

I just want Gen 8 to be a seriously good game. Game Freak said they really want to innovate since the Switch can be used a home console and as a handheld.

So Masuda and the other one said the new game will have a more open world. Obviously it can't be entirely open, but I think an open-ish approach to gyms would be a blast.

All I know is they better keep SOS battles for future generations. This method for shiny hunting has easily been the most simple and straight forward tactic for getting high IV and EV shiny pokemon.

I got a shiny Pikipek, shiny Grubbin(now Vikavolt), and shiny Mimikyu in only 100 or so tries respectively.