I like the Wikipedia articles on TAR because whoever does them also updates with how many road blocks each person has done. They are all fairly even except Jeremy/Sandy and Bill/Cathi, who are both at 5/2. Since they have to be even, there's a possibility that Sandy and Cathi will have to do RBs that their partners would be better suited for and will struggle in upcoming episodes.

I'm not a huge fan of NEL legs and I've always wondered how they deem which legs to be NEL. The last two made sense as they stayed in Thailand and appear to be staying in Malawi next week. I'm not a huge fan of how the first leg has started becoming a NEL (or more of an extension leg) but I guess it gives every team an opportunity to get their feet wet.

Either way, I like Amani and Marcus and hope they can step it up next week. The speed bumps haven't appeared to be too difficult this season...at least they haven't had to sit on ice.