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I am aware of that but did he smoke them or just beat them by a little? That was my point.
He smoked them. The only two times they mentioned in the episode were Kenny's (1:21) and Ace's (1:56). Ace won the life shield for his team, so Kenny beat all of the Good Guys. Abram just barely beat Johnny (whose time was obviously worse than Ace) and Derrick was really struggling although it wasn't clear how much he beat Davis by so he might have beat Ace or not. 35 seconds is a long time in a 2 minute race.

I didn't mean to imply by my earlier comment that Kenny was better than all of the other competitors on that season. I know that Alton, Abram, and Derrick would probably beat him in an one on one elimination depending on what it is. I wanted to point out that Kenny has changed a lot from challenge to challenge, and I don't think he took them very seriously the first couple of seasons he was on. I think he was lazy and didn't care if he did well or not, and that day on the Inferno 3 is when he changed the way he looked at them.