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    Road Rules Kit on "Real Simple"

    I just changed my TV to TLC and Kit is now hosting a show on there called "Real Simple, Real Life" that comes on Fridays at 8.

    Glad to see she's still working!

    Kit Hoover, Host - Real Simple

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    Re: Road Rules Kit on "Real Simple"

    Hee! I remember her! She was great on her season

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    Re: Road Rules Kit on "Real Simple"

    maybe I'll dvr an episode just to check in and see how she's doing!

    I love Kit. Wonder if her and Mark are still close (or talk, at least)

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    Re: Road Rules Kit on "Real Simple"

    Awesome find! MTV/BMP should really invest in doing a Road Rules reunion. Seriously.

    Ahh, wishful thinking..

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    Re: Road Rules Kit on "Real Simple"

    I'm very glad for her. I felt bad when her gig with Cold Pizza was over. I can't remember much about it anymore (even forgot who one of the cast members was!), but season one of Road Rules is one of my favorites.

    I'd also love a RR reunion.

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