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    Real World Casting Process: A Breakdown

    I’m ready to spill some info:

    The forms you fill out at Open Casting calls ask these questions:

    1. Name
    2. Birthday
    3. How is your relationship with your parents? Describe it.
    4. Are you currently in a relationship? What’s the status of the relationship? What are you most attracted to?
    5. What are some issues that are most important to you currently? Would you pursue anything involving these interests while on the show?
    6. Have you ever professionally acted or performed on a stage?

    The questions they asked us while sitting around the table are:

    1. Introduce yourself and tell one misconception about you
    2. What is something that you are passionate about?
    3. What are you opinions about cheating in a relationship?

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    Re: Real World 25 - Casting

    The email you recieve when you get a VIP pass is as follows:

    Dear Real World 25 Applicant—

    Congratulations! We liked your email submission and have decided to offer you a special opportunity to audition in person!

    Attached to this email is a printable VIP pass that entitles you to skip to the head of the line at our upcoming casting call. Just print the pass and present it upon arrival. You will be immediately placed in the next available casting group. You are also entitled to bring ONE guest with you if you choose.

    This pass is good ONLY for you and one guest. It is not transferable. If an unauthorized person shows up with a duplicate pass, YOU will BOTH be disqualified.

    Anyone between the ages of 18 and 24 may apply.

    IMPORTANT: You MUST reply to this email to confirm receipt and be placed on the guest list. Make sure to include your [full name and BOSTON] in your reply, as well as the name of your guest, if any.

    Casting call info appears below:

    Saturday, April **** 2010
    10:00AM – 5:00PM
    DA BAR
    123 Lame Street
    Boston, MA 31111

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    Re: Real World 25 - Casting

    Skype interview comes next -- here's that email:

    Hi ***********:

    Please write back and confirm your interview time, your SKYPE name and that you have tested it.
    Aja 818.756.****


    Software: The latest version of Skype for Windows or Mac from Skype ? Make free calls and great value calls on the internet, this is free software.

    Hardware: 1 webcam with microphone and sound output. If your webcam doesn’t have a microphone or sound output you must obtain a Skype headset. You also may need earbud headphones (like the ones you get when you purchase an ipod)

    Connection: You must be connected to a high speed internet connection (DSL, Cable internet, T1, etc.). Dial up connections will not work.

    1. Install your webcam with software (if needed).

    2. Install and test your webcam’s mic and sound output - we must hear you and you must hear us through this system. If you have questions regarding your webcam see the webcams instruction manual.

    3. Install the free version of Skype from Skype ? Make free calls and great value calls on the internet. (if you already have Skype, make sure you update to the most current version).

    4. Create a Skype account. After you have created your Skype account email

    The subject heading of your email should be: “RW Skype Info for YOUR NAME HERE.”
    In the body of the email, please include the following info:
    a) Your full name (again).
    b) Your Skype username.
    c) Your phone number (s).
    d) Your email address.

    5. Open Skype and make sure the Audio and Video settings are ready for your hardware. If you are having problems, the Skype website has a lot of help on the download page. Make sure to choose your operating system (Mac, Windows or Linux) from the left hand side or search from the Help page. Attached there are pictures of example setups for both a Mac and Windows XP based computer.

    6. Find a friend with a Skype account (or someone who is willing to set one up to help you). Please contact them via Skype and test that everything is working correctly. It is in your best interest to ensure all technical problems on your end are worked out BEFORE you interview with the casting director.

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    Re: Real World 25 - Casting

    Then you have to make a 5 to 10 minute video...


    Congratulations on a great interview with Real World!

    This is such a fun process and now we would love for you to send in a home video! Attached is a document that will help explain how to make the tape. Please get it back to us as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing it soon!

    Also, please note: WE ACCEPT DVD’S.




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    Re: Real World 25 - Casting

    Then they ask for pictures of you so they can post them on the board...


    I need you to email me 3 recent photos that meet the following criteria:

    -smiling & looking at the camera
    -no sunglasses, no hats
    -looking your very best : )

    If you only have 1 or 2, just send what you have. It’s okay if there are other people in the photo, I can crop them out, just let me know which one is you. The photo just needs to be big enough for me to see your face CLEARLY. No teeny tiny photos please.

    I would like these ASAP – by 3pm tomorrow if possible. Please put your full name in the subject line.

    Susan Denison
    Casting Coordinator
    The Real World

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    Re: Real World 25 - Casting

    Then you're informed of Semi-finals...don't know where that email is...then you get this email before you head off to finals....

    Dear Real World Applicant:

    We haven’t made our final decision yet, but you are still under serious consideration. We’ll let you know very soon whether or not you’ve advanced to the final stage of the process.

    In the mean time, more paperwork!

    I am attaching a background questionnaire, a disclosure form, and a W-9 form that needs to be completed and faxed back to us at: 818.989.8969. The W-9 Form is so that we can pay you a per diem fee of $33.00 per day if you come to L.A. for finals. Please be sure that this is done by the end of day FRIDAY, May 9, 2009. If we do not receive it you will jeopardize your chances of advancing to the final round.

    VERY IMPORTANT – You must email me a scanned copy of your ID with this. ** unless you have already handed us a copy of your ID.(you can fax it but if its not a good copy it will not acceptable)

    You also need to have a current passport – so please be sure that your passport is valid for 2009. If you don’t currently have a passport, it’s a good idea to apply for one now. Please reply to this e-mail letting us know your passport status.

    If you have any questions please contact me at: 818.756.**** or Susan Denison at 818.756.****.

    All the best,

    Kacy Stravitz

    Attached are 3 documents: W-9, Background Check, and a Network Starter Sheet

    Then you get a phone call, they ask for the nearest airport to you, confirm your address, and then send you a contact in the mail.

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    Re: Real World 25 - Casting

    Anyways, I'm sure BMP absolutely LOVES when I post their private information on here...but it honestly doesn't matter at this point as I'm sure this show isn't going to make it much longer.

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