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    Big Brother 9 Discussion - Day 37

    Day 37 – PoV Competition

    The house guests are awoken at 8:00am.

    While getting ready, Ryan asks Sheila if she was ready. She says, “Oh, I’m ready!”

    Everyone is excited for the PoV competition they are saying how this is the “biggest PoV ever”.

    They draw names for the PoV. Sheila drew Chelsia’s ball, James drew Josh and Matt was picked or drawn by Ryan. Natalie was chosen to host.

    Natalie gives Matt hints to what she learned about the Guinea Pig cage and the clues inside. She tells him there is two number 9’s, and a 2 and 3. She also tells him that the lettered blocks spell something like houseboat or boathouse and possible yacht.

    Power of Veto Competition: James is the winner of PoV.

    Natalie and Matt in the pink bedroom. Matt is worried that James will back door him. Natalie tells him that she doesn’t think James will do that because of their deal. She thinks James will leave the nominations the same. Matt wonders if they can get Josh and Sharon to vote out Sheila and to keep Ryan.

    James and Natalie. He tells her that he is going to keep the nominations the same and says that it’s good if either Ryan or Sheila go. He says that whoever gets HoH next week should just put up the two people they’d like to see leave and stop with the backdooring. Natalie says she agrees and that she is so glad that she voted him back in the house and says, “I love you James.” He says o.k. cool and leaves the room.

    Sheila is in the boat room crying again. While the others are rehashing the joke they played on her last night.

    James and Chelsia in HoH. He tells her that he is going to leave the nominations the same. He asks her how her relationships are going. (They had decided that she should bond more with the others more) She tells him that she has been hanging out with Natalie and so is Sharon. James tells her to spend more time with Sheila. They rehash the PoV competition and he gloats that he beat her. James says this was a great week, to be voted out and back in within 15 minutes, then to win HoH and PoV and have the possibility to backdoor someone. James reiterates that Chelsia has to spend more time with Natalie and Sheila and to be nice to Sheila and not talk down to her. Chelsia says she does not talk down to people. James says yes she does. They now take a shower together, so of course the feeds switch to other HG’s.

    Everyone is sleeping but the two lovebirds. But we have to watch the sleeping people.

    Sheila and James. She asked to talk to him. He tells her that he isn’t changing the nominations. Sheila wants to explain to him how everything went down last week. She tells him that a few people did lie to him and that when everyone wanted to backdoor Matt she had told Josh and Sharon not to say anything around Natalie because she would tell Matt. James tells her that to win you have to invest in people whether you want to or not and that he obviously didn’t invest in the 5 who voted him out. He admits that he didn’t bond with people and that hanging out with Chelsia so much has hurt his game play and he’s going to change. Sheila goes on with all her normal defenses and catch phrases. She tells him that she glad that he won the PoV instead of Matt because Matt would have taken off Ryan in a second. James tells her that all she has to do is just sit on the block and that she doesn’t have to do anything. He says that being evicted and brought back immediately helps your game and says that her being on the block makes it even between them and now they are done.

    Natalie and Sharon. Natalie is campaigning for Ryan and trying to get Sharon to vote out Sheila. Matt comes in and says to Sharon that he is still worried that he will be backdoored.

    Sheila comes in. She asks them (Sharon, Matt and Natalie) for their vote. Natalie says that it is a hard decision to make. Sheila says that she is not very good at kissing butt to save herself. Natalie says she is being honest and that she doesn’t know how she is going to vote. Sheila says that if the tables were turned there would be no question and that she would save Natalie.

    Natalie explains that she is confused because both Ryan and Sheila have saved her. Sheila says that she is glad that Natalie is being so upfront with her because she had no idea how torn she was. Sheila brings up that Ryan has won 10 thousand dollars and Jen has won 5 and she says that she is just trying to stay in the house for as long as she can. Sheila says again that if Natalie was on the block against Ryan that Natalie would have her vote. Sheila is shocked that Natalie is unsure of her vote.

    Matt is outside telling James and Josh that Sheila is inside talking to Sharon and Natalie about why they should vote out Ryan for what he did to her. He also says that Sheila told him that he owed her. James tells Matt that if things had played out as they were originally supposed to with him being evicted that Matt and Josh would be on the block right now. Josh asks Matt if Sheila is banking on a 3-3 vote and James to break the tie. Matt says yes but she’s going to try to get 4 votes. Matt wants to know what Sheila has done for him that he owes her for. James tells him that she voted to keep you that time you were on the block and she gives him information. Matt says yeah, but Natalie gave him the same information.

    Matt jokes with Josh about how brutal he is with his put downs to Sheila. Josh says he’s over that now. Matt says that he owes Natalie big for what she did for him and hopes that at some point in the game he can pay her back. He goes on to say that he hopes he’s not one of those HG’s that make the final four without wining HoH and says that he really wants pictures from home.

    Natalie and Adam come outside and they bash Sheila. Matt predicts that Sheila will try to get to him by saying that she is the same age as his mom, which would probably make him feel bad.

    Sheila and Sharon in the boatroom. Sharon tells her that no one has her back and that she just heard it. Sheila says it makes her sick and that the whole side has to vote for her to save her. She says that she doesn’t have Adam, Ryan, Natalie or anyone anymore. Sharon says that it will be 3-3. Sheila says that’s what James wants. Sheila says she is glad that she knows that M/N don’t have her back and she won’t protect them anymore. She says that she would never have voted out Natalie out. Sheila complains about Natalie making that deal with James and how it didn’t help her at all. Sheila says that she has campaigned for M/N more than once.

    Natalie, James, Chelsia and Josh outside. They are still trying to figure out the third vote for the Mystery guest. They still talk about Sheila. James says that if she stays it is because she is entertainment and that they should put her up every week and mess with her very night. They talk about the siren and how it may indicate America’s Choice from now on. Josh thinks it might be used again in the middle of the night to signal time to play for PoV or something like a double eviction.

    Sharon and Sheila. Sharon tells her that ultimately you only have yourself in the game, you know who you trust and don’t trust. Sheila says that she has make mistakes and that she wouldn’t be here (on the block) if she hadn’t have gone against her gut and voted out James. She says she has apologized to James but she was being pressured and that wasn’t her intention. Sheila says she wanted Alex back in the house because he has respect for the women in the house and he cooked and cleaned. Sheila says that she will try hard to win HoH and might even twist it up a bit by putting Adam on the block because he’s treating her like *****.

    They move on to discussing Matt and Natalie and how Natalie is a doormat because she allows him to treat her like crap. Sharon says she’d rather go back to Oregon than have Matt treat her that way and says there is no amount of money in this world that would make her let someone treat her badly. Sharon says that she will walk out of this house knowing that she played a good game and she will be the same person she was before she came in. She says she’s learned three things in the Marine Corp: Honor, Commitment and Courage. She tells Sheila that you will get further in the game if you stick with yourself and do what’s right.

    Josh finds a croquet set in the storage room and thinks it might be for a luxury challenge.

    Josh, Matt and Ryan go outside and set it up to play. James is wondering what the rules are to croquet. Ryan explains them.

    Natalie goes outside to tell everyone that Josh just got a letter and everyone to the living room now.

    When the feeds come back on we learn that the HG’s received a lecture from Allison Grodner, the executive producer, about their potty mouths. They are not allowed to say the ‘C’ word anymore. Allison reminded them that they have at least one million people watching them at any given time. Chelsia comments that they probably have someone sitting there bleeping them all day. Sheila says that it doesn’t make for good TV.

    Matt, Adam and Ryan playing croquet. Matt says that Sheila is looking at him and that she’s all nervous. Ryan says that he can’t believe she is playing the 10G’s thing against him. Matt says that they should really practice this game because it might be for HoH. Matt asks Adam why Sheila is so nervous, she knows she’s got our votes (*snerk*) and says you owe her. Ryan says why does anyone fricking owe her, she floated the whole game.

    Josh and Sharon. They are whispering about how Sheila has a 3-3 vote. Sharon tells Josh that she thinks he could win HoH this week and that he could do damage control. Josh says that he wouldn’t put up Natalie because he likes her now. Sharon says that if he put M/N up against each other they would fall apart and campaign against each other and their true colors would come out.

    They are done eating dinner and Sheila tells Adam it’s his turn to do the dishes and he gets mad and they argue about dishes.

    Josh and Sharon in bed talking. Josh says he’d rather see Sheila go. Sharon is saying that Natalie was stupid to tell everyone that she and Matt were acting and made everyone feel sorry for her. They rehash if Josh should win HoH that he needs to put up M/N either straight up or by back door. Sharon thinks it would be better to put them up together so that they both have to fight for PoV. They both agree that they like Natalie as a person but not her game play.

    Sheila and Ryan. Ryan is confronting her about using the 10G’s against him. Sheila says that she’s not going to lie and yes she is using it. Ryan says he’s not mad but he just can’t believe she’s doing that. Sheila explains that she was put on the spot and shocked that Natalie wasn’t committing her vote and she just grabbed onto what ever she had. Ryan says it is unfair for him that he is being used as a card for her. Sheila says that it was just a knee jerk reaction. She says that other people are telling her that Ryan shouldn’t be in the house because he was teamed up with Jen and that they have 15G’s between them. Ryan says that says he wishes people would stop saying that. He has bills to pay and Jen’s money is her money. Sheila tells him what she has earned in this house; relationships. She says that if Allison was in the jury house and Sheila was in the final two, she’d get Allison’s vote because of the relationship they formed. She goes onto say that she knows everything about everyone in the house and tells him that he hasn’t bonded with a lot of the girls where she has tried to bond with almost everyone including Adam. Ryan brings up that Sheila is telling everyone that they owe her. Sheila denies saying that. Ryan reminds her that she’s told him to his face that they owe her for voting with them. Sheila says she’s not bonding with the girls for the votes that it just comes naturally. She keeps saying that Ryan is faulting her for bringing up the 10G’s, he says he isn’t. She says that she will not bring it up again and it was only said to Natalie.

    Natalie is outside telling Adam and Matt about the conversation between Sheila and Ryan. Ryan comes out and says that Sheila is trying to use the “womanly bond” thing to stay in the house. Matt says he will be mad if Ryan is not there next week.

    Sheila is telling Chelsia all about her conversation with Ryan.

    BB gives them some alcohol. Two bottles of wine, one red and one white and three beer.

    Ryan and Josh in the storage room. Ryan fills in Josh with his conversation with Sheila. Josh tells him he doesn’t think he has the votes to stay. Ryan asks Josh if he has his back. Ryan says he has three votes. Josh tells him that everyone at the HT was saying that they were voting him out. Ryan tells Josh that if he wins HoH that Josh will be safe and that he is willing to change up his game and realizes he shouldn’t have played that alliance *****. Josh tells Ryan that Sheila is really tearing him up about the 10Gs. Ryan asks Josh what he wants him to promise because if he can get Josh’s vote he has a chance to stay. He tells Josh that he will flip this whole thing in the house. Josh doesn’t say anything one way or the other and says that he will wait and see how things go and says that he is listening to both sides and that things change daily in this house.

    Josh and Sharon. He reports to her what Ryan had just told him and says that Ryan has 3 confirmed votes. Sharon is shocked and says that if he stays they are screwed. Sharon says that they have to make people think they are voting to keep Ryan and says that Sheila is pissed because Ryan has the boys club and that they are sticking together. Sharon says that Matt and Natalie have to be split up.

    Sharon thinks that Adam was the third vote for the mystery guest and that Sheila knows it and is trying to use it against him. Sharon says that Natalie is dead to her in this game because she made everyone feels sorry for her for 5 weeks and then said it was all just an act. Josh says that Ryan should have backdoored him last week because no one would have voted him back in.

    Ryan comes in and says that he just had a thought that he should have just given Sheila the money because she’s playing it against him and how she’s had an epiphany about she is a single mom and piggy-backing in the game.

    Ryan leaves and Sharon says that Matt or Natalie has to go this week and that if she wins HoH she will put up Adam.

    Ryan confronts Sheila again about using the money against him. Adam asks Sheila if she feels justified in winning the money because she is a single mom. Sheila tells Adam not to get in the conversation and accuse her of that. She says she’s not saying things behind Ryan’s back. She brings up that the males bond and that the women bond and that is just natural. Ryan questions that since he is a man he can’t relate to women. Sheila says no. Sheila tells Adam that is a flip flopper and that they are singles now and he shouldn’t go back and forth to whoever will protect him. She says that she at least was woman enough to tell James what she did and that she feels better for it and that it may save her and that is more she can say for other people.

    Sheila tells Ryan to let her play the game she wants and she’ll do the same for him. Ryan says just not to talk ***** behind his back and he’ll play the game too.

    Matt changes the subject to the possible luxury competition and what they could win. They start making a list of the things they’d like to win; a grill, an espresso maker or a shopping spree.

    Ryan tries to go up to the HoH room to talk to James, but James never answered the door
    Ryan and Matt go to play chess and ask Adam if he’s coming. They rehash the boys club and the 10G’s. Adam says that if Ryan doesn’t make it he is going to rip through HoH and win it and the PoV too. Matt teases Adam and says that he loves her referring to Sheila. Adam says he hates her.

    Natalie comes in to sit with them. The start to rehash the Sheila thing. Natalie says that Sheila totally made up some of that conversation. They talk about her contradicting herself. Natalie says that Ryan is totally in the right on the whole thing. Matt asks Natalie how she is doing and she hugs him. He tells her no hugs. Then says, a hug for a blow job. Natalie says that she’s good at it. Adam tells Matt he should find out.
    Outside Sheila is trashing Adam to Josh and Chelsia and how he can’t be trusted. Says that she hates talking to him and that nothing but garbage comes out of his mouth. She says she’s protected Matt and feels sick about it and says that she may not know the game as well as Natalie and not as strong as Matt but she can stay in the house and play this game without lying to someone’s face.

    Sheila is getting buzzed on the wine and is talking and talking. Josh and Chelsia are just listening and agreeing here and there. Sheila talks about her huge epiphany and her life story. Sheila says that she has discovered a lot about herself and learning more every day and that some people in the house don’t see themselves at all.

    Josh, Adam and Matt in the red bedroom. Matt is saying that Sheila’s game plan is to hang on to the strong man and have him carry her in the game. Natalie comes in. Josh says that it is going to get ugly this week because Sheila is taking this game to a new level. Matt says that he will not campaign for either one and they can do their own. Natalie says that she has enough of Sheila. Matt and Adam leave the room.

    Natalie complains that Sheila is always saying “You know what, I’m on the block” and she can’t take it anymore. She tells Josh that she has no idea where she stands right now but Sheila is giving her pissy attitude about being on the block so Ryan looks good right now. Josh says that he feels that he is the swing vote. Natalie says that it seems like Chelsia wants to get Sheila out too and that if it goes 3-3 James can do what ever he wants.

    Matt and Ryan. Ryan says that James doesn’t care what way the vote goes and that he is letting the house vote the way they want. Matt says that he is sorry that he didn’t win PoV. Ryan says that if he stays this week they’ll be a strong force in the house.

    Adam and Josh are bashing Sheila and her wardrobe in the bedroom. Adam looks to be buzzed and seems to have the gay thing down pat.

    Josh and Sharon. He tells her that Matt, Natalie and Adam know that the vote will be 3-3 and that James will vote out Ryan and they are scared. Adam comes in and they bash Sheila again.

    James is awake and they are filling him on what he missed with Sheila.

    All the girls are sleeping and it’s just the boys sitting in the kitchen. They are teasing Matt and asking why he won’t take Natalie up on her blow job offers. He keeps saying that he doesn’t want that. They encourage him to go for it, saying that she looks really hot on camera. They tease him that he must really be with Joshuah then. They say that they are just trying to hook their boy up. Matt admits that he got a BJ from Nat on the 2nd and 3rd night but he doesn’t think they were shown on TV. They now talk about STD’s and Matt says he’s surprised he hasn’t gotten one yet. Adam says he got his first when he was 24 or 25 so Matt is due.

    The boys are telling Matt that having sex with Natalie will be the only way to get her off him. They want details of the BJ, Ryan asks if she swallows and Matt says yes. Ryan says nice, no clean up. Adam simply says, “Dude!”

    They move to game talk. Ryan says having come in with Jen put a huge target on his back. James says that throwing the pickles at Natalie *****ed him and that he was glad to have a second chance. Ryan tells James that he hopes he doesn’t try to swing the house to vote him out even though he backdoored him and he hopes James gives him a fair shot. James says that they were both equally *****ed and he doesn’t owe either of them anything and says that he hopes that if Ryan stays in this will be the end of it. James says that Ryan is in the exact same position that James was in last week. Ryan tells him that Sheila is starting drama and that she is not honest.

    Ryan says that if he wins HoH he will surprise people to prove a point. James says that they will work it out. James says that he doesn’t want to be lied to. Ryan says that he knew that when James came back that he would be going straight for him. Ryan says that he has nothing against him and that if he survives it will be squashed. James says that he wants to show that 5 people *****ed him and that the only thing they have in this house is their word.

    James says that he broke his word to Matt but it was the smart thing to do and says again that Ryan is where he was last week. Ryan says that he thinks he is in a better place. James says that it is hard to compete against someone. James tells him that if it’s a split vote he can’t stay and tells him that he backdoored him successfully. He says that they were both (Ryan and Sheila) from the same side and they both equally burned him and however it goes is fine with him. Ryan says that he wants to prove that he is playing an individual game and that things will be different if he stays.

    In the pink room. Adam, Ryan and Matt go to bed. Matt wakes up Natalie and they make out and he pushes her head down under the covers. Adam and Ryan are still awake. When Natalie was all done. Adam pretends to wake up saying ‘huh, what’s going on’ then he teases her and says that she should just grab Matty. Natalie has no clue that she had an audience.

    James is the only one awake and he has a few beers and listens to his CD.

    Everyone is sleeping by 4:20am.

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    Re: Big Brother 9 Discussion - Day 37

    May I ask who were the five votes to bring James back in the house? Obviously, Chelsia, Josh and Sharon but who were the other two? Is the other side stupid? I mean, pretty much anyone they would have brought back probably would have sided with the Matt end of the house.

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    Re: Big Brother 9 Discussion - Day 37

    Adam and Natalie voted James back in along with Josh, Sharon and Chelsia.

    Both said it was their way to redeem themselves because they lied to him.

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    Re: Big Brother 9 Discussion - Day 37


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