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    Post ''Desperate Housewives'' recap: Drug dealing

    ''Desperate Housewives'': The Sedating Game
    Gaby dopes Carlos when he threatens to tell the police what happened to Victor; plus, Orson helps Mike score, and Susan sets Julie up with a drug dealer

    Welcome home, Desperate Housewives, welcome...sorry. Extreme Makeover really messed with my head. We started this week with the combination of rippling water and Mary Alice's voice. I was excited for this episode, but I felt my eyes grow heavy. A Mary Alice voice-over combined with rippling water is a strong sedative. Especially after two hours of Ty Pennington screaming into a megaphone. ''We think of the past as water under the bridge,'' Mary Alice crooned. I nodded, hypnotized. We saw various riffraff float by. Was anyone else expecting seasons 2 and 3 of Desperate Housewives on DVD to drift past? I was sleepy and skeptical at the start of last night's episode, worried that a trip down memory lane would remind me of all the missteps Housewives had taken in the previous two seasons. I was wrong. Forgive me, Marc Cherry. I loved this episode for addressing past plot points but also for filling certain, um, cavities. More...

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    Re: ''Desperate Housewives'' recap: Drug dealing

    Strangely enough, this is one of those shows I kind of wish that I had gotten into when it first came out. To late now I guess.

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    Re: ''Desperate Housewives'' recap: Drug dealing


    You're lucky you missed the boat on this one....the last two seasons have been killers.

    It still has funny moments, but overall it's just tiresome.

    I wish I could stop watching it.

    I have to agree with one thing from the article...Bree wanting the baby to sleep in bed with them is a huge no no. And I was a bit surprised by it.

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