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    Re: Survivor: Heroes vs Villains - It's Getting the Best of

    Steph and Amanda should not have been targets!
    Rupert was the obvious vote cuz he cant do anything but complain
    He cant do anything with a broken toe

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    Re: Survivor: Heroes vs Villains - It's Getting the Best of

    Quote Originally Posted by Lamb Chop!!! View Post
    I honestly don't think people will find Amanda to be a threat at all... Yes she made it to the end twice, but both times she really blew it. I don't think she'll make it to the end, but I also don't get why everyone wants her out so badly.
    Probably because she HAS made it to the end twice. It doesn't matter about the outcome to them because making it to the end means a shot at a million dollars. Why keep someone who knows how to get to the end having done so twice around? I totally see their reasoning on that front.

    I was a little iffy on their reasoning for Stephenie, but she did come in with a huge target on her back because, like Amanda, she knows how to make it to the end and survive despite everyone on her tribe getting voted off before the merge. Clearly she was doing something right and, if the Heroes keep losing, find a way to keep herself alive while the rest of her tribe goes down in flames. I don't think James was right in saying that it was BECAUSE of Stephenie that her team lost, but I'd be worried too if my team was 0-2 and there was someone on it who knew how to survive votes on a losing team.

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    Re: Survivor: Heroes vs Villains - It's Getting the Best of

    Either way, James totally went mental. He was a nice guy for 2 seasons, and in 1 episode shattered his good guy reality reputation. Whatever. Hope he loses. Is it inappropriate to say he's dumb as bricks anyways? Maybe..? Ok, I'll save that one for later when he does something as stupid as holding 2 HIIs in his pocket during Tribal.

    James took down Steph, and now I'm forced to have a grudge against him all season.

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