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Expected that

Eighth vote






Ninth vote





That’s 2 votes Helen of Troy 2 votes Fedorov


1 vote left

Tenth vote ……..




And next person to leave this game






Expected that

Well ya did vote me twice :/ 

That is 3 and tonight that is enough

Grab your stuff and head to Redemption Island where you will have a chance to fight to re-join the game at a pre-determined point.


Gets up. Saw that coming. Play hard ya'll

And with that blindside - the game is on! merge brings out the fight in everyone. Good to see everyone stepping up, it is obvious to all of us that you all want to be here and are willing to do almost anything to stay! Everyone else.... head on back to camp.

There will be a live challenge tomorrow - time to be confirmed - but will be between 6-8pm EST.

Guess everyone lied tonight Smile

The immunity+Reward Challenge will be tomorrow at 8pm EST and will be held LIVE here on this thread.

If you want the time changed, let us know here on this thread asap.

ugh I won't be able to sneak out to the jungle and watch american surivor Sad

can we do it like 6-7 pm

6-7 is too early for me, can we start it at 9?

anything after 7:30 i cant make lolz 

Guys if you can check discord and reply there that would be great

The immunity/Reward Challenge will now be NON live but will still be an endurance so I hope you are ready for the long haul! I will let you know when it is ready if you wish to start it tonight.You will have to start it by midnight EST tomorrow at the latest.

Immunity Challenge #7: Hanging On

Come on in, guys!

Welcome to your 2nd Individual Immunity Challenge! Today's Immunity Challenge is called Hanging On. It will be non-live and will test your stamina.

Yes you guessed it – it is an endurance challenge. Your goal is simple – just hang on the longest. The last person standing will win either individual immunity or reward – the choice is yours! But remember the person who comes second will receive the one you do not chose.

You will be given a new pm to complete this challenge. When you are ready, message me and I will send you the details. I will answer any questions you may have individually in your pm, before starting your time.

You will have until midnight EST tomorrow night to start this challenge

That is over 24 hours so no extensions will be given.


Fedorov has returned from Rdemption Island! As the winner of the last duel, you also receive the special reward ................... Safety at the next tribal council!!!

This safety comes at a cost though, as you will be unable to vote. Its up to you which one you want .....

wow it's like you were never gone

I'll take immunity please

Results time!!!

9th place:- Flyguy (lasted an hour)

7th place:- Malik and Morris both tied with 1 hour 15 mins.

6th Place:- ChallengeFan00 (lasted an hour and a half)

5th Place:- Greco (lasted 2 hours)

3rd Place:- Schabo and Sammy both tied with 6 hours 15 mins

First place goes to WhiteSkull with 13 hours!!!

Which means HelenOfTroy got 2nd. (lasted 12 hours 15 mins)