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Three hours to go....

*I look over at Challengefan's card pile...I look back at mine.  I walk over to a patch of sand that looks a little different than the rest of the sand.  I dig out a bottle of wine I secretly stole from production's craft services, luckily a screw top...and I pop the lid and raise it to the sky* 'It's been real South Pacific!  As much as I want to beat Challengefan and his avatar of Challenge idiots...all I have to say is 'Fit They Toga'  *I down the bottle before production can stop me and I casually blow over my stack of 508 cards*  'It's been real...Potato out!'

Congrats to the winner of this duel, CF00!!

Sorry Vova, Terrence and Potato but this ends your time here on Survivor South Pacific. Thanks for playing Biggrin

lit. am i going back to blue tribe?

Squared Off

Welcome, Tyler, Fed and Danish to your first and last duel. The winner of this duel will re-enter the game so there is a lot at stake today. This duel will be live.

Here's how this challenge will go.

-There is an 18x18 grid with 324 boxes.

-When we start you must each chose a starting point on the grid. Do this by posting here what row and column the box you would like to start is.

-Then when it's your turn you will choose 4 boxes to further occupy by moving to them. To be able to move to another box it must be in contact with the last box you are in.

-You can move up, down, left or right. You cannot move diagonally.

-Your post to move should look something like this:- "Move up, Move Up, Move right, Move down."

-I will post an updated version after each round. Whoever has the most boxes at the end wins.

-Some of the boxes are already filled with a purple colour. These are dead boxes and cannot be occupied or moved through.

Random draw has decided that Tyler will choose his starting point first, followed by Danish and then Fedorov.

So Fedorov gets to then move first, with Danish in second and Tyler in third.


What are your questions ?

The grid (without the dead purple boxes):-


So we just have to move randomly ?