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Survivor South Pacific



Survivor South Pacific will start on November 10th. There will be 3 tribes of 6. The cast will be revealed then.

The general format will consist of Reward challenge, Immunity challenge, and tribal council.

Redemption Island is in play.

Survivors will only be allowed to post in their tribe forums unless they are participating in a challenge or attending tribal council. Challenges, voting and deadlines will all be in EST.

Both hosts live in different time zones so one of us should be around at any given time.  I Live in Australia and am approximately 15-16 hours ahead of EST. IF lives in England and is 5 hrs ahead of EST.

If you would like to create a discord group chat with both hosts, let us know in your confessionals and we will arrange this. Feel free to message us on discord if you need an immediate answer otherwise one of us will answer as soon as we log into Vevmo.



The game will consist of both reward challenges and immunity challenges. You will be given advance notice of the day/time. It will usually be between 7-9pm EST.

There will be advantages on offer, which can be won by winning reward challenges. No Advantages will be made public, only the player who wins the advantage will know what it is and how it can change the game.

Advantages are not transferrable between players. If you wish to use an advantage you must post in your game pm. No advantages will be made public nor confirmed by the hosts.

Players will be expected to turn up for both challenges and be as active as possible. There will be no penalty for not attending as we all have lives outside of Vevmo, but please try to let the hosts know if you are unable to make it to any challenge.

No editing or un-publishing will be accepted during challenges unless specified in the challenge rules. If you are caught editing or un-publishing your tribe will automatically lose the challenge.

If no one shows up for a challenge it will not be postponed or cancelled – all players and tribes will go to tribal council.

If only one tribe/player turns up they will be expected to complete the challenge in order to win immunity or reward. Participation is expected, no reward or immunity will be automatically given.

Not everyone has to be present to complete all challenges, but participation is encouraged. There will be a minimum number required for each challenge; this will be posted with the rules.

Some challenges may require you to post in your tribe color. For those that do not know how to post in color you have to type in [color=green ]text goes here[/color ] OR [color=blue ]text goes here[/color ] without the spaces



Tribal Council:

Tribal will be posted within an hour of each immunity challenge (barring a real life emergency/work/study committments). You will be given questions to answer, it is totally up to you if you choose to answer or not. You may choose to answer in your private confessional.


Redemption Island

If you are voted out you will be sent to Redemption Island

You will have to participate in challenges to stay on Redemption Island. Failure to start or finish a challenge will mean you are elimiated from the game and will have no shot at returning

At a pre-determined point in the game all survivors remaining on Redemption Island will have a chance to fight for the right to return to the game

If you are on Redepmtion Island you may not publcily interact with any member of either tribem nor post in the tribe threads. You may post in the discord general chat and your game PM's


Everyone will be given 24 hours to vote. There are very few exceptions to this rule. If you are not sure you will be able to vote, send in a list and let us know.

All votes must be sent in via your game PM.

You are permitted to change your vote as many times as you wish UNTIL the 24 hour deadline OR all votes are received.

We reserve the right to read votes as soon as all players have voted. You will be given a 30 min warning if all votes are received early.

In the case of a tie, 12 hours will be given for players to send in a re-vote. If you do not send in a new vote, your original vote will stand.

If there is another tie, the players who were tied and the player who is immune (in the case of individual immunity) will be safe and all other players will draw rocks.




NO screenshots will be posted on public game forums. There will be a penalty for posting screenshots. It ruins the game and creates unnecessary drama.

Personal attacks will not be tolerated in any way shape or form. While drama is natural (and good), racial/sexual discrimination or prejudice will not be tolerated nor will personal attacks of any nature. A warning will be given the first time, after that a penalty will be issued.

Respect the hosts and your fellow tribe mates. Mistakes may happen – even the host(s) are only human, if we make a mistake during a challenge please let us know politely, yelling at the host is disrespectful and you will be removed from the challenge.  If you choose to be rude, the host reserves the right to ignore you or be extremely sarcastic. If it continues, security will be called and you will be removed from the game.

Show up for challenges!  That is what this game is all about. Activeness is VERY important. Please make an effort to attend all challenges and Tribal councils and answer questions. Occasionally things may prevent you from competing, if possible let us know if you cannot make a challenge.

Confessionals! Feel free to confess to anything and everything. We want to know everything, and you can help keep us entertained by dobbing on your fellow tribe mates. No matter how small….. We want to hear it. There may be extra rewards for juicy gossip and information. Please send in confessionals regularly via your personal PM - these will be completely confidential and will not be shown to anyone.

Occasionally we may add you to a group pm or conversation for challenges or confessionals - with your permission - of course.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask at any time via your game pm or on your tribe/main forum.

The hosts reserve the right to change or adjust any or all of these rules at any time. This is a game full of twists and turns, buckle up and enjoy the ride.





Next Event:- Immunity Challenge at 8pm est​ 14/12/2017


Reward Challenge #1:-

Fire Is Life



Immunity Challenge #1:-

Pass The Torch



Tribal Council #1:-

Tribal Council #1 - Apai

Voted out- 1888Terrence


Tribal Council #2:-

Tribal Council #2 - Savai'i

Voted out:- BigDaddyVova


Reward Challenge #2:-




Immunity Challenge #2:-

Letter Code



Tribal Council #3:-

Tribal Council #3 - Upolu

Voted Out:- Psy4Potato


Tribal Council #4:-

Tribal Council #4 - Apai

Voted out:- xBritishHalix





Reward Challenge #3:-

Survivor Trivia



Immunity Challenge #3:-

Bring Down The Hammer



Tribal Council #5:-

Tribal Council #5 - Upolu

Voted out:- ChallengeFan00


1st Final Redemption Island:-

Redemption Island



Safety or Mutiny ?:-

Safety or Mutiny

Mutiny chosen. Challengefan00 switched spots with Morris1721


Reward Challenge #4:-




Immunity Challenge #4:-

Jigsaw Dash

Winners:-    For Savai'i :- SammySosaTV     &      For Upolu :- Fedorov


Emergency Evacuation:- Aladmaho was pulled out of the game after a verbal altercation with the executive producer.


Tribal Council #6:-

Tribal Council #6 - Upolu and Savai'i

Voted Out:- TylerLovesTyler3


Reward Challenge #5:-




Immunity Challenge #5:-

[Coconut Caves



Tribal Council #7:-

Tribal Council #7 - Upolu

Voted out:- DanishBoy


Sudden Departure:- Infamous decided to quit the game for unknown reasons. 


Reward Challenge #6:-

Find A Word






Immunity Challenge #6:-

Stay in the middle

Winner:- EL_GRECO - Chose Immunity Necklace. 

2nd Place:- FLYGUY - reward.


Tribal Council #8:-

Tribal Council #8 - Viole Timu

Voted Out:- Fedorov


2nd Final Redemption Island:-

Redemption Island



Immunity Challenge #7:-

Hanging On

Winner:- WHITE SKULL - Chose Immunity Necklace.

2nd Place:- H.O.T - reward.


Tribal Council #9:-

Tribal Council #9 - Viole Timu

Voted Out:- Morris1721 - 1st Jury Member


Immunity Challenge #8:-

Mud Race

Winner:- SAMMY - Chose Immunity Necklace.

2nd Place:- GRECO - reward.


Tribal Council #10:-

Tribal Council #10 - Viole Timu

Voted Out:- ChallengeFan00 - 2nd Jury Member


Immunity Challenge #9:-

Survivor Auction

Winner:- WHITE SKULL - Given Immunity Necklace.

Advantage at next Challenge:- H.OT

Disadvantage at next Challenge:- Sammy


Tribal Council #11:-

Tribal Council #11 - Viole Timu

Voted Out:- SammySosaTV - 3rd Jury Member


Immunity Challenge #10:-

Ten In A Row

Winner:- H.O.T - Chose Immunity Necklace.

2nd Place:- Greco - reward.


Tribal Council #12:-

Tribal Council #12 - Viole Timu

Voted Out:- Schaboszczak - 4th Jury Member


Immunity Challenge #11:-

Survivor Duel

Winner:- Greco - Chose reward.

2nd Place:- Flyguy - Immunity Necklace.


Tribal Council #13:-

Tribal Council #13 - Viole Timu

Voted Out:- Fedorov - 5th Jury Member


Immunity Challenge #12:-

Find The Coconuts

Winners:- Greco and HelenOfTroy. 

Greco chose Reward and Helen chose immunity.


Tribal Council #14:-

Tribal Council #14 - Viole Timu

Voted Out:- El_Greco - 5th Jury Member

Your hosts for Survivor South Pacific







Survivor South Pacific

Samoa is a country comprising the westernmost group of the Samoan Islands, in Polynesia. Many of its islands have reef-bordered beaches and rugged, rain forested interiors with gorges and waterfalls. The islands include Upolu, home to most of Samoa's population, and Savai'i, one of the largest islands in the South Pacific


The camera pans to six helicopters, each holding three new castaways.

It is these set of islands, that will be the backdrop for this season of Survivor. With eighteen new castaways, and twists that will shake up the game in yet to be revealed ways, this game is definitely going to get messy.

This is Survivor: South Pacific.


The players are seen landing on the beach and getting out.


The new players walk down the beach together towards the hosts.

Welcome, everyone, to this season of Survivor. Before we get to anything, I'm sure you guys are all dying to know what the tribes will be, so let's go ahead and get that done.

The first tribe will be APAI – and will have green buffs (Credit to Sammy)

The second tribe will be UPOLU – and will have blue buffs (Credit to Sammy)






And the third tribe will be SAVAI’I – and will have red buffs (Credit to Sammy)


The eighteen  castaways all look at each other, shocked and confused.


Let’s get to the player introductions and tribe reveals

First we have a relative newcomer to FG, all the way from Britain, Halix is quiet and unassuming. Is there more to this player than meets the eye. Only time will tell. Determined to make their mark on this game  in the hope of becoming the Sole survivor.                 


He is a regular Vevmo FG player all the way from Poland. Brutally idolled out in Survevmo, now out to show everyone they have what it takes to play this game on their own terms....  Think you have seen his best - just wait till you see what he has up his sleeve this time around.               


All the way from Copenhagen, he talks the talk and walks the walk in all the social circles, and is pinning his hopes in this game on his bright and inquiring mind.... but can he make it all the way to the finale...                               


Another newcomer to the Vevmo scene but no stranger to FG, having competed in many offsite games, he has the ability to take this game by the horns and run with it...   Some say crazy, others - well not many have lived to tell tbh!              


White Skull is a self confessed reality game addict, plucked off the streets of Texas - willing to put it all on the line for the next thrill - will he survive the harsh reality of the game? Only time will tell! New to Survivor and FG's , with no ties and no real clue what is going down, looking to make his mark on vevmo and take out the title of Sole Survivor.                                 


Oh Baby it's getting hot in here! All the girls love a bad guy and Jonas does not disappoint! Coming in H.O.T, watch your back as Helen of Troy (or Jonas as many know him by) is out to revenge his premature exit from Survevmo                          


Terrence may be a familiar face, but he is new to FG and the game of Survivor. Quick on his feet and able to adapt to most situations, he is bringing his A game. Will the bodies lay in his wake?  He is out to prove he has what it takes to be Sole Survivor.               TERRENCE

Bring on the exes he says! Careful what you wish for Alad! BVW? we are about to find out! He is a popular and well known member of the Vevmo community, out to make his mark on the game of survivor.... can he live up to the hype?               
"yooooo what the fuck is up my pussy ass bitch ass fucking whores??? i'm just saying this rn, if yall let me win, ill split the money with yall. (: if yall wanna get in contact w me then here's my phone# 1-877-870-5678. i love everybody"  - aladmaho


Sammy - Sosa - TV ... the legend himself. Creative, smart and willing to do almost anything to make his mark.   Some say his creative flair makes him a legend amongst the FG community - or is it his total obsession and desire to be the Sole Survivor.   


He is considered  to be one of Vevmo's originals, coming straight off the back of a stint in the Big Brother house, he is here to outwit, outplay and outlast all the rest and prove he has what it takes to be the sole survivor.  The fan club is real and he is on a mission!      


He is a self confessed Bum whose only real life goal is to win a  FG, never having seen Survivor he is wanting to test his challenge skills against a new group of players after his run in the inferno house was cut short.  He has admitted he will do anything for the win - including beg, steal and bribe anyone and everyone. Watch your bananas!                           


A legendary forum member in his own right, ready to turn over a new leaf and take this game by the balls....  A mystery to most, can you unlock the man that lies deep beneath or will he take you out before you get the chance?                            


Hot off the back of his debut in the Nexus, Malik is looking for redemption in the form of the title of Sole survivor, with no existing relationships can he build the bonds to make it deep into this game?   Rumour has it that customs found a stash of "fake" idols hidden in his luggage - will we see more?           


Coming off his debut in the Nexus, he has proven to be a worthy challenger, can he continue this physical strength and match the stamina and determination of more experienced players?  Or will his secret addiction to alcohol find him all washed up? A newbie to the world of survivor but do not underestimate this Hot Potato!            


The legend himself , all the way from what used to be known as ER, ready to make a stand on his own two feet....  If his accent doesn't make you crumble his social prowess and killer looks will! He is laid back and ready to get this party started. Will this strategy get him to the end, or at least the award of Fan Favourite!           


Flyguy, he has nade his mark on Vevmo, a champ in his own right - strategically he is a mastermind, physically he has all the moves, but lately he seems to have lost his mojo..... can he find the social skills to make it to the end and be the sole survivor?                   


Challenge fan - has proven he has the social, strategic and physical attributes to win a forum game, will this be an advantage in SSP? only time will tell. Don't let his quiet and unassuming presence fool you, have you heard the term "slient assassin"?    Straight from the Inferno house, with that bad boy reputation, he is determined to enact his revenge.             


And..... last but never least .... he is famous for his skill, manipulation and social ability to make it to the end in every game he plays. By far the most sought after player Vevmo has every produced. Street smarts - definately, Challenge ability - definately, Social adaptability - for sure, but can he hold his own against a new generation of players looking to make their mark?                                      


Hot off the back of his debut in the Nexus, Malik is looking for redemption in the form of the title of Sole survivor, with no existing relationships can he build the bonds to make it deep into this game?   Rumour has it that customs found a stash of "fake" idols hidden in his luggage - will we see more?           [url=]MALIK[url]


The game will consist of Reward challenges followed by an Immunity challenge then tribal council The winner of the Reward challenge will win a reward and the chance to find an advantage. These will not be revealed to anyone but the person who finds it. The only way you can ensure that you're safe is by giving it your all in every challenge. This will continue until you all merge, where the remaining people will compete for Individual Immunity. Remember, this is Survivor and anything can happen at any time, so be on your toes. I will leave you all with that for now. Here is a map to your camps.

That's all I have for you guys...head back to camp. You may only post in your tribe forum.

The first reward challenge will be live at 8pm on Saturday 11th November. At least 3 members of each tribe will need to be present to compete. Good Luck.

The eighteen castaways grab their flag and head off the beach to begin their long trek to their campground.


Coming off his debut in the Nexus, he has proven to be a worthy challenger, can he continue this physical strength and match the stamina and determination of more experienced players?  Or will his secret addiction to alcohol find him all washed up? A newbie to the world of survivor but do not underestimate this Hot Potato!            POTATO


Feel free to ask any questions here or in your pms and we wll endeavour to answer them.

Good Luck and have fun

Where’s the audience thread. 

Where’s the audience thread. 


audience thread plz we wanna talk about this cast!