VQ1: The Nexus- Challenge Grounds

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VQ1: The Nexus- Challenge Grounds

This is where all Challenges and Eliminations will occur. Please do NOT post in here until the challenge is posted.

Challenge #1
Totem Raider

Hey everybody, hope you've gotten settled into the VQ Nexus house here in beautiful Los Angeles, California. 
For your first Challenge, it's simple. There is a Totem hidden somewhere around the city (Vevmo is the city.).
The first person to find the Totem and deliver it back to these Challenge Grounds will win today's Challenge, be safe from the Nexus, and select the second contender for The Nexus.
Whoever is last to deliver the totem to these grounds gets a ticket straight to The Nexus.

Here's How It Works
1. When you are ready, let me know in your PM we've set up.
2. Everyone will get the same initial hint as to where the Totem is hidden.
3. Three additional hints are available, but they come at a price. See, I want to see just how selfish or selfless you each can be.
        If the group wants a hint, I will need a sacrifice. The Sacrifice will no longer have to find the Totem, and will be safe from getting Last Place.
        The Sacrifice will still be eligible to be voted in by the winner. The dilemma being: risk it to gain favor, or go for the gold?
4. The hints are each progressively more helpful. The third hint all but gives you a link straight to the Totem.
5. Now, your time will be started when you tell me "READY" in your PM.
6. Your time will NOT END until you do two things.
     6a. First, PM me the link to the exact post where the totem is. To do so, click the number in the upper right hand corner of the post and then copy the link.
     6b. Then, post a picture of the Totem in this Challenge Grounds thread. Your time doesn't stop until you have done BOTH.
7. After every 3 people find a Totem, times will stop and the totem will be re-hidden. I will then send out the initial hint for the new location along with any additional hints the group may have obtained. If 3 of you find the first totem with 2 sacrifices, the remaining players will get the initial hint plus 2 additional hints for the new location.
8. Whoever has the fastest time from when they PM me "READY" to the time they complete both tasks outlined in Rule 6 will win the first Challenge and have the sole vote on who to send into The Nexus.
9. Whoever takes the longest time goes straight to The Nexus.


What are your questions?

Dont PM me until 8pm EST or afterward. But please, ask your questions.

How fast can you get me a plane ticket home?

Last Rule: only the first 3 to PM me to be sacrifices can have it. If you're fourth in line, sorry but you'll have to find the Totem.

How fast can you get me a plane ticket home?

Lmao I h8 you. Trust me, Sacrifices make this Challenge super easy.

TheQueenMarks has sacrificed himself for the greater good. All those participating currently have received their first hint. 

Those beginning at a later time will receive their first hint one minute after begin.

HB your time is stopped!

Razor, your time has stopped!

I'm not very good at navigating Vevmo, this challenge didn't seem like it was it for me, so I threw in the towel to help others out.

Gamer73 has sacrificed himself for the greater good! There are two hints in play at this time!

Are you posting times at the end?

Are you posting times at the end?


Ryan373 your time has stopped!

MalikOnFleek has Sacrificed. Times are stopped (since no one else is competing rn.)

The Totem is being re-hidden. All 3 hints are in play. You will get the initial clue upon saying "READY" in your PM. The Hints will come at 1 min in, 10mins in, and 15mins in for the last 4 players. I will not re-hide the Totem again. The Totem will be the same for the last 4 players.

I will announce when the Totem is re-hidden.

The Totem has been re-hidden. The last 4 have until 10pm tonight to go, or we will resume tomorrow after 3pm EST. At least 3 of the remaining must compete before 9pmEST tomorrow.

I didn't win, go ahead Jeffrey... snuff my torch.

I didn't win, go ahead Jeffrey... snuff my torch.

How you know?

took longer than i thought lol #floppdt

Flyguy your time has stopped!

First challenge-competed! Woo hoo!

Psy4Potato your time has stopped!

Only 2 left to compete!


TylerLovesTyler3 your time has stopped!