BBVT2- Backyard (Competitions) Thread

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BBVT2- Backyard (Competitions) Thread

This thread is where most of the competitions will take place at during the summer.

PoV Competition #1

This Little Piggy Won The Veto

Competitors: Josh8793, LurkerNoMore, Aladmaho, Hotboiswag, Kajun, Dash_Vegas, and Flyguy.

Todays Power of Veto Competition is called "This Little Piggy Won The Veto." The seven of you have each been given a BBVT Piggy Bank, as well as 13 BBVT Veto Coins. One by One, You will enter the Backyard and distribute your Coins however you see fit between the seven Piggy Banks. After all seven HouseGuests have distributed their Coins, the HouseGuest closest to 21 coins WITHOUT GOING OVER will win the Power of Veto.

Here's How It Works

1. Use your official BBVT Diary Room PM for this competition.

2. Whenever you are ready, just PM me your list of how you want to distribute your coins.

3. You MUST distribute your coins between AT LEAST two Piggy Banks. You can't just put all 13 in one.

4. You must distribute ALL THIRTEEN of your coins. Make sure your list has a total of 13 coins, no more or less.

5.  Once you've distributed your coins, they're stuck in the bank and cannot be changed. 

6.  The deadline for this Competition is technically 8pm tomorrow, Monday July 11th. (Try to get it done early, it's pretty simple. Please). If you fail to meet the deadline, you will automatically bust, and your coins will be distributed equally among your fellow Competitors, which could have a negative impact on you. I will use to decide which one will get 1 Coin and the rest will receive 2 from you.

7. If there is a tie, the HouseGuest who submitted their list first (out of those in the tie) will win.

Any Questions?

Good Luck.

This Little Piggy Won The Veto


Kajun, your total score was 0 Coins! 

Hotboiswag, your total score was 37 Coins! 
Sorry, Hotboiswag you have busted and have not beat Kajun's score.

LurkerNoMore, your total score was 11 Coins!
Lurker, this means you have beaten Kajun's score and take the lead!

Josh8793, your total score was 15 Coins! 
Which means you have beaten LurkerNoMore's score of 11 Coins and now take the lead.

flyguy, your total score was 5 Coins!
Unfortunately, this does not beat Josh's score and you are eliminated from the competition.

Dash_Vegas, your total score was 1 Coin!
This does not beat Josh's score and you are now eliminated from the competition.

Aladmaho, your total score was 22 Coins!
This means you have busted and are eliminated from the competition.

Congratulations, Josh8793! You have won the Power of Veto!

Since everyone was so awesome and got the Comp done early, we can move on and hold the PoV Ceremony tomorrow @9pm EST!

Congrats Josh!

HoH Competition #2


Tonight's Competition is called "Jenius." This competition will require ingenuity and social prowess. There will be a series of "Most Likely To..." Questions and you will not be answering with what you think the Correct answer is, rather what you think the Majority of the House will answer.

Here's How It Works

1. I will ask a question and give two choices for answers.

2. In your Diary Room PM, you will submit which of the two possible answers you feel the Majority of the competitors will answer.

3. From the time I post the question, you will have exactly 30 seconds to submit your answer.

4. If you fail to submit an answer in the given time, you will be eliminated from the competition. 

5. If you answer in the majority, you will continue on in the competition. If you answer in the minority, you will be eliminated.

6. Obviously, if every HouseGuest has the same answer, no one will be eliminated that round. If the answers are split exactly evenly, again no one will be eliminated.

7.  Once we are down to 2 HouseGuests, or 6 questions have been expended (whichever comes first) we will go to our tie-breaker question.

Remember, as outgoing HoHs neither Josh8793 nor LurkerNoMore are eligible to compete tonight. 

If there are any questions, feel free to ask them in this thread.

Let's gooooooooooo. What times this kick off? I'm on CST

IMPORTANT: In your answer PM, please include the question number.

Example Answer:

"Question 1: Jozea."

Let's gooooooooooo. What times this kick off? I'm on CST

Me too! About 10mins will be the first question.

In 5 mins I will ask who is here. Please respond so I know the roster for tonight's competition.

HouseGuests, I need to know who all is here and do you understand the rules?


I'm here and I think so. 

Okayyyy. 3/10 when like 6 of y'all voted for 7pm.

The show must go on ....

I'm posting the first question at 7:05. Idc.




I'm confused.  So it's not a quick hoh, its ongoing?

I'm confused.  So it's not a quick hoh, its ongoing?

It should only take 10 minutes.

Theres 7 questions total.

It's only like 6 questions I think 

I'm confused.  So it's not a quick hoh, its ongoing?

Its max 6 questions and a tie breaker.

Did I miss the question?

Okay one of the people that voted for a later time needs just a few minutes. We'll wait for him.

For now, are there any questions?

Oh ok

*snorts a line of prework out*

lets do it

I'm here what do I do lmao 

I'm here what do I do lmao 

read the rules and let me know if you are ready/have any questions.

Okay I see it I'm ready y'all 


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