BBVT2- Backyard (Competitions) Thread

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BBVT2- Backyard (Competitions) Thread

This thread is where most of the competitions will take place at during the summer.

PoV Competition #1

This Little Piggy Won The Veto

Competitors: Josh8793, LurkerNoMore, Aladmaho, Hotboiswag, Kajun, Dash_Vegas, and Flyguy.

Todays Power of Veto Competition is called "This Little Piggy Won The Veto." The seven of you have each been given a BBVT Piggy Bank, as well as 13 BBVT Veto Coins. One by One, You will enter the Backyard and distribute your Coins however you see fit between the seven Piggy Banks. After all seven HouseGuests have distributed their Coins, the HouseGuest closest to 21 coins WITHOUT GOING OVER will win the Power of Veto.

Here's How It Works

1. Use your official BBVT Diary Room PM for this competition.

2. Whenever you are ready, just PM me your list of how you want to distribute your coins.

3. You MUST distribute your coins between AT LEAST two