Big Brother Vevmo Takeover 2- Game Updates Thread

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Big Brother Vevmo Takeover 2- Game Updates Thread

This is the Game Updates Thread.

This thread is read-only for HouseGuests and Viewers alike.

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In the Season Premiere, 13 new HouseGuests entered the House on July 6th, 2017.

The cast includes:
Diamonds are Forever

Immediately, the Houseguests began their first HoH Competition of the summer.

HoH Comp #1- "First Impressions are Everything

Later on in the night, the first twist of the summer was revealed. This was the Most Vevmoble Player (MVP) twist, allowing a Houseguest with the most votes from Vevmo to name a third nominee for the week. 
MVP Twist Rules

On Day 2, the votes were in. The First HoH's of the summer were LurkerNoMore and Josh8793!
HoH #1 Results

The HoH's failed to name the Have-Nots for the week, which meant they would hold the power but also reap the punishment. They had to whisper for the whole week (type in 8pt font).

Nomination Ceremony 1: HoHs Lurker and Josh performed the first Nomination Ceremony of the summer, and nominated Aladmaho and Hotboiswag for eviction. The MVP secretly named Kajun as the third nominee.
Nomination Ceremony #1

The players selected by random draw for the Veto Comp were Dash_Vegas, and flyguy. Meaning Lurker, Josh, Alad, Hotboi, Kajun, DV, and flyguy will be playing in the Veto Comp.

At the "This Little Piggy Won The Veto" Competition, HBS came near victory but was ousted from the competition in a last second Hail Mary. When it came down to Josh and Alad, one coin proved Josh could bring home the bacon. 

At the Veto Meeting, Josh rocked the house as he used the Veto to save Kajun. Leaving Aladmaho and Hotboiswag, on the block. Kajun made a huge plea to target Alad instead of the easy target Hotboiswag directly after. 

LurkerNoMore opened Pandora's Box and received an Eviction Vote for this week, while Josh was forced to name 3 more Have-Nots.

After a huge blow up, emotions got the best of Hotboiswag and he was expelled from the game.

HOH: LurkerNoMore and Josh8793
Pre-Veto Nominees: Aladmaho, Hotboiswag, and Kajun
Power of Veto Winner: Josh8793 (USED) 
Post Veto Nominees: Aladmaho and Hotboiswag 
Evicted (Vote): Hotboiswag (Expelled)

Week 2


The Head Of Household competition  "Jenius" was held after Hotboiswag's expulsion. Aladmaho, last week's second nominee for eviction, won the competition and became the new HoH. 

HoH Aladmaho named Kajun, Flyguy, and Josh as the new Have-Nots for the week. They had until the end of the week to throw LurkerNoMore and Camilinator2370 a Birthday Party.

 At the second Nomination Ceremony, HoH Aladmaho nominated Lurker and Kajun for eviction. The MVP put up Alad's best friend Flyguy.

Dash_Vegas and Camilinator 2370 were picked to join the Power of Veto Competition. Making it Aladmaho, LurkerNoMore, Kajun, flyguy, Dash_Vegas, and Camilinator2370.

During the "You're Burning Me On Purpose" Veto Competition, shots were fired and lines were drawn. After taking an early shot, LurkerNoMore was able to HIT the Competition right on the hand, and walked away with the Power Of Veto.

The second Veto Meeting saw Lurker playing coy, but ultimately USED the Veto to save himself from the block. HoH Aladmaho then nominated InternationalFan in his place. Leaving the final Nominees for the week: InternationalFan, Kajun, and flyguy.

The night before the Eviction Ceremony, Have-Nots Josh8793, Kajun, and Flyguy were tasked with throwing LurkerNoMore and Camilinator2370 a Birthday Party!  The Birthday was a semi-success, however one of the Have-Nots failed to put much effort into it at all. For this, Flyguy received a Penalty Vote against him at the next day's Eviction Ceremony.

At the first official Eviction Ceremony of the summer, tensions rose as the house waffled thoroughly, and the penalty vote and a last minute flip left Flyguy heading out of the House.


HoH: Aladmaho

Pre-Veto Noms:Kajun, LurkerNoMore, Flyguy 

Veto Winner: LurkerNoMore (USED)

Post-Veto Noms: InternationalFan, Kajun, Flyguy 

Evicted(Vote): Flyguy (4-3-0)

Week 3


At the "Anybody Want Cake?" HoH Competition, it was a close race between InternationalFan, Josh8793, Badladjj, LurkerNoMore, and Dash_Vegas. Ultimately, Josh8793 pulled out the win and became the new HoH, causing a power shift once again.

After the HoH Competition, fight night promptly broke out as the house attempted to find out just exactly who flipped on Flyguy. Tempers flared and lines were drawn.

The new Have-Nots received a UniTard surprise.

Once the dust finally settled, HoH Josh8793 took to the Nomination Ceremony to get even with those deemed flippers, as Camilinator2370 and Ryan373 were Nominated for Eviction. Dash_Vegas was named the third Nominee by the MVP.

Morris1721 and Badladjj were picked to play in the Veto Competition by random draw, joining Josh8793, Camilinator2370, Ryan373, and Dash_Vegas.

Once again, Josh8793 dominated the "Technotronics" Veto Competition and held all the power for the week.

At the Veto Meeting, Josh stunned everyone when he used the Veto on Camilinator2370 and put InternationalFan up in their spot.

Once again, the House was turned upside down in a shocking Eviction Ceremony, causing everyone to rethink their placement and setting the stage for an epic HoH comp. Dash_Vegas was Evicted in a 5-1-1 vote.

HoH: Josh8793
Pre-Veto Noms:Camilinator2370, Ryan373, Dash_Vegas
Veto Winner: Josh8793(USED)
Post-Veto Noms:InternationalFan, Ryan373, Dash_Vegas
Evicted (Vote): Dash_Vegas (5-1-1)

Week 4


Once the dust settled, the HouseGuests had to Walk The Plank in order to win Head of Household. 6 fell almost immediately and then the game was on. In a grueling Hour-long showdown, InternationalFan was able to outlast all others to snag their first HoH win of the summer.

In the same night, havoc broke out as LurkerNoMore unleashed his wrath on everyone in sight.

At the Nomination Ceremony, InternationalFan sought revenge against those who had wronged him; Nominating a strong veteran duo. The secret MVP Nominated Kajun

With the odds stacked against, Lurker once again dominated the You Must Be, Like, Silly Veto Competition. Showing once again he's not to be messed with.

A shocking Veto Meeting left the House completely stunned, as Nominee Lurker chose to save his best friend Josh instead of himself. HoH InternationalFan nominated Aladmaho in Josh's place.

Lurker, feeling as if he'd made a mistake, then had an Epic Meltdown resulting in him Walking out of the House for good.

HoH: InternationalFan
Pre-Veto Noms: Josh8793, LurkerNoMore, Kajun
Veto Winner: LurkerNoMore (USED)
Post-Veto Noms: Aladmaho, LurkerNoMore, Kajun
Evicted (Vote): LurkerNoMore (Walked)

Week 5

When the Live Show began, the House was left in wonder whether there would be another Eviction. They all voted to evict Live, but when it was time to reveal the votes, Mark Long revealed both Kajun and Alad were safe. Another shocking announcement meant the MVP twist was officially over, and the game was only to get more intense from here.

The remaining HouseGuests then went to the What the B#$%@ Competition, where they would Duel it out for the title of Head of Household. Alad came out victorious.

With the MVP twist over, Alad set his sights on the strongest opposing force left, and Nominated InternationalFan and Ryan373.

With IF and Ryan on the block, the Veto Selections were Diamonds, JJ, and Josh.

Clementine O'Grady returned to wreak havoc on the House, and Josh was able to defeat her and reigned supreme with the PoV.

This week's Veto Meeting saw the first time this season the Veto was not used; leaving InternationalFan and Ryan373 on the block and fighting for their lives.

When Pandora's Box was opened, Lurker flew back into the House looking to settle some scores. Morris1721 ended up with 3 extra Eviction Votes the next time he sat on the block on Eviction Night, while Camilinator2370 earned 2.

The] Live Show flipped the game upside down once again, as it was announced that everyone Evicted from here on out would become a member of the Jury. In a 5-1 Vote, InternationalFan became Juror #1.

HoH: Aladmaho
Pre-Veto Noms: InternationalFan and Ryan373
Veto Winner: Josh8793 (NOT USED)
Post-Veto Noms: InternationalFan and Ryan373
Evicted (Vote): InternationalFan (5-1)

Week 6


The Pressure Cooker Head of Household Competition saw secrets exposed, alliances crumble, and the deck re-shuffled. After 2 1/2 hours, Morris was left with the HoH Key, while Josh had a Punishment Nullifier he could either keep to himself, or use as a bribe. JJ earned a Competition Second Life, and Ryan was left without a chance to compete in the Veto Competition. Kajun and Camili were forced to spend every waking hour together for the next 3 days. 
Elimination Order:
Diamonds are Forever 10mins
Camilinator2370 56m
Ryan373 1hr9m
Kajun 1hr34min
Josh8793 2hr15m
Badlajj 2hr26m

At the Nomination Ceremony, Morris set his sights on an enticing target; nominating both Diamonds are Forever for the first time this season and Aladmaho.

An epic Nomination speech left Alad angry, launching an assault against the HoH.

HoH: Morris1721
Pre-Veto Noms: Aladmaho and Diamonds are Forever
Veto Winner
Post-Veto Noms
Evicted (Vote)

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