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Send me 20 numbers. They must be any number between 1-75

In terms of this election, I was pretty shocked that Trump won but looking back at it I can see why. Trump isn't your typical politician and I think people were just tired of the same thing and Trump being different definitely appealed to them.

Now do I like the guy? Hell no! I don't agree with any of the remarks he has made or the way he carries himself. But at this point I just have to hope that he will be able to better this country and not divide it any further. 

Answering these questions for everyone...

So does everyone have the same board of numbers and will each persons be different?

Everyone is getting the same board of 20 numbers, you will not see this board until results are posted. Try and guess stategrically. 

Do we send back the numbers on the board in the rules?

No. You send me any 20 numbers between 1-75. 

Literally guys do not overthink this, it's the easiest thing you'll ever do. Just send me 20 numbers lol

@Blue Team since you guys are down one member and therefore at a disadvantage, one of you will send in two lists. 

Did America need change? yes politicans are getting old, the have no grasp with reality but was trump the way to go not at all. I mean the banned countries he didn't ban the countries he works with. He has also now put a Trump hotel in DC so that diplomates from other countries can stay there. He is honestly just becoming president so that he can make more money. like google Donald TRUMP fact check a lot will come up for videos. It is also pathetic all his family needs secert service. Didn't his son just go on vacation demand secert service and it costed the tax payers like 300k? Finally he has grew up privlaged never even been in the middle class so how is he suppose to realate to anyone outside upper class? At least hillary worked a real job and saw how it was gorwing uup in middle class. 

I need lists from by 8PM Eastern tonight...




why did almost all of you pick 69

When do we find out who won ?

When do we find out who won ?

Whenever your patient enough

InternationalFan wrote:

When do we find out who won ?

Whenever your patient enough

attitude tj lol

Hello everyone and great job at your 4th pit stop on this season of...

Black and Blue team it was your guys jobs to send me 20 numbers between 1-75. Any numbers you guessed that matched correctly with a blank 4x5 board you'd earn as points for this pit stop. These numbers were picked by and here is the board...

The battle was fairly even but with this type of game, the team with the best strategy wins and it looks like that was just the case. Therefore, the winners of the 4th Pit Stop and team safe from the vote off is...













Blue Team

1)InternationalFan ---> Correctly Guessed: 59, 73, 69, 63, 70(334)

2)Deeper ---> Correctly Guessed: 59, 73, 69, 63, 70(334)

3)Melm3 ---> Correctly Guessed: 59, 73, 69, 63, 70(334)

4)Torstar ---> Correctly Guessed: 59, 73, 69, 63, 70(334)

5)Missing Person ---> Correctly Guessed: 59, 73, 69, 63, 70(334)

TOTAL ---> 1,670

Unfortunately that means Black Team you just werent able to get it done today.

 Black Team

1)RLK2014 ---> Correctly Guessed: 59, 73, 69, 63, 70(334)

2)Camilinator2370 ---> Correctly Guessed: 73, 69, 8, 70(220)

3)DanishBoy ---> Correctly Guessed: 20, 10, 18, 22, 28, 27, 63, 70(258)

4)ItalianBeats ---> Correctly Guessed: 22, 37, 51, 63(173)

5)Ryan373 ---> 73, 69, 37, 27, 15(221)

TOTAL ---> 1,203

Here is the current leaderboard...

First place: DanishBoy ---> 155 Points

First place: ItalianBeats ---> 155 Points

First place: Ryan373 ---> 155 Points

First place: Camilinator2370 ---> 155 Points

Second Place: Torstar ---> 148 Points

Third Place: RLK2014 ---> 145 Points

Fourth Place: Deeper ---> 143 Points

Fourth Place: InternationalFan ---> 143 Points

Fifth Place: Melm3 ---> 128 Points

Congrats Blue Team! You guys are safe from the vote off and will continue on with us to our next location. Black Team on the otherhand will need to vote off one person from their own team. Now that everyone on the board is over 100 points there will no longer be any sharing of points if someone is voted off. Meaning that if you are voted off from now until the final your points are gone for good.




I'm gonna vote for someone that's already gone. Lol jk

Shout out to my team members... love you guys! 

This shall be your only reminder that votes are tonight at 9PM eastern. I will be at work still so hold off a bit for results 

It's now 11....

Hello everyone! Great job at your fourth pit stop and welcome to the first vote off on this season of...

Congrats to the Blue Team who pulled out a strong performance and ultimately won the pit stop. As reward you are all safe from tonight's vote off. Sit tight and enjoy the show while Black Team decides on one team member to send home.

Since this is The Real Road I'll refresh your minds with the intro.

"This is the true story of 12 strangers picked to live in an RV, travel around the country, and have their lives taped. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real!"So why did we brings this up? Well in spirit of the games title we will be keeping things REAL. You may have sent your votes privately to us three hosts, but the privacy of your votes will be made public at each vote off ceremony. Let's not be fake and keep it REAL this season why don't we?















ItalianBeats votes for ---> DanishBoy

DanishBoy votes for ---> ItalianBeats

RLK2014 votes for ---> ItalianBeats

Camilinator2370 votes for ---> ItalianBeats

Ryan373 votes for---> ItalianBeats

It brings me a lot of sadness to see you go, ItalianBeats, but we'll have to part ways with you here in Hungary. This was your first game in over 2 years and you really showed that Old Schoolers are no one to mess with. When everyone was casting their votes they really didnt want you gone so that just shows what a great person you are. This may have not been your time to win, but I'm positive that you'll get that win if you ever return. Hope to see you in the future Smile

Also if y'all could not rush me or ask when results or votes are getting posted I'd enjoy that very much especially if I had a shitty day at work like today Smile

Sorrryyyyyy Sad

Sorrryyyyyy Sad

Not so much directed to you specifically but everyone. I'm active and get things done on par with the schedule. If it was Sunday before the next elimination cycle begins then by all means nag the shit out of me.

I enjoyed this experience so much! Thank you for allowing me to take part in this, Honest. Best of luck to the rest of the crew throughout the game! Smile

Can I get everyone in the living room please.

I think everyone else is sleeping.

These whole surprise things are annoying lol. I'm just trying to enjoy my chipotle I had flown in 

These whole surprise things are annoying lol. I'm just trying to enjoy my chipotle I had flown in 

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You've competed in two teams for 4 episodes now. Both teams have competed and won 2 competitons each thus far. Looking at the leaderboard, the black team has the most members at the top at the leaderboard with blue members closely behind. I feel it's time to take things to a whole new level... Drop your team uniforms because shit is about to get real.

From here until the final everything is individual!









Holy fuck !

Your first individual challenge will be posted at 7PM on the dot. You'll have exactly 24 hours to complete it, it does not require you meeting with me, you'll complete it by yourself on your own time for as long as you want Wink