The Real Road 2: European Escapade(Game Thread)

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The Real Road 2: European Escapade(Game Thread)

This is the true story of 12 strangers picked to live in an RV, travel around the country, and have their lives taped. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real!

The 12 people selected to join us have been selected after a long and strenuous application process that required each and every one of them to expose their strengths, weaknesses, personality, and personal opinions. Don’t be fooled by someone at first glance because they may turn out to be one of your best friends or worst enemies.

Welcome everyone to…

At the pit stop you’ll be competing in various challenges for immunity from the vote off as well as compete for the top prize of 30 points while second place will receive a smaller amount. Keep in mind that the more points you have the greater an advantage you’ll receive in the final challenge(See Season 1 for example). The winning team will be granted full safety for that particular elimination cycle while the other team must decide on one player from their own team to vote off. The person with the most votes will be removed from the competition and no longer be permitted to travel with us.

All LIVE Pit Stops will take place at 8PM Eastern Standard Time

All Deadline Pit Stops will have a specific due date and time

Episode 1: Maze The Force Be With You --->

Episode 2: Relm Of HT --->

Episode 3: Hardbitten's Worst Nightmare --->

Episode 4: Challenge Chalice --->

Episode 5: Run This Bitch --->

Episode 6: In A Giphy --->

Episode 7: Throw Some Shade --->

Episode 8: Follow Your Dreams --->

At this event, cast members will be asked a series of questions ranging from a variety of topics such as, political, national/international affairs, sports, economic, social issues, and more, and must explain to their opposite minded cast mates why they feel such a way. If you are in attendance live and contribute a substantial amount of conversation, you’ll receive 10 points added to your bank account. If you cannot attend live but still want points don't worry because you’ll have 12 hours to still answer the questions given but will only receive 5 points. This may not seem like a lot, but if you attend all 10 events on time you have the chance to get 100 points, which will greatly benefit you in the final challenge.

All Drivers Seat Ceremonies Will Take Place At 8PM Eastern Standard Time

Episode 1: Black Lives Matter --->

Episode 2: Gun Control --->

Episode 3: LGTBQ Topics --->

Episode 4: Trump --->

Episode 5: Sports --->

Episode 6: Abortion --->

Episode 7: Pop Culture --->

Episode 8: Terrorism/Refugees --->

This is our schedule and map of locations for this season. As you can see our schedule is very tightly constructed and we do not plan on breaking away from the schedule and extending the game any longer than it needs to be. Last season we did not change the schedule and got the game done in 1 month, which we will do the same for this season. Your participation is crucial to the success of this game and overall flow of our schedule. At each location you’ll be dropped off at a new mansion and get to enjoy for a few days before we leave for the next!


The losing team will need to vote off one player from their own team. The player who recieves the most votes will be forced to leave the competition and will be eliminated from the game. In the even of a tie, more directions will be given at that given time. The person voted off will have the choice of either A)Giving an even division or their earned points to their teammates who just voted them off OR B)Void their points earned meaning no one gets them.

Episode 1: EASMadaNave --->

Episode 2: Debut Album  --->

Episode 3: Francisco --->

Episode 4: ItalianBeats --->

Episode 5: DanishBoy --->

Episode 6: RLK2014 --->

Episode 7: Camilinator2370 --->

Pit Stop #8 Due Monday @ 10PM Eastern.

Yaaaasss! When do we find out about the twist ? 

Wohoo!!! Hello everyone!!! Nice to meet you guys!

Yaaaasss! When do we find out about the twist ? 

Dont you want to get cozy first? Go pick a room in our fabulous mansion located in our first destination... Madrid, Spain!

Get drunk, go party, have fun because you'll need a xanax later on this evening!


Such a cool game, hey guys Smile

Hello, hello, everyone! Glad to be back! Smile

If you insist Wink

Yes!!! I've been wanting to go to Spain!!

Hey yalll. Time to get ratchettff. Who brought the vodka. 

Ooh, some vodka-tonics all day and all night, please and thanks!

Me the first night: that feeling when your beer (vodka) goggles finally wear off

Lmfao omg deeper

Sadly that is going to be irl and in virtual world since I'm almost work lol

Hey everyone!!!

Can I please get the entire house down to the living room please?

Uh oh. *falls down stair after doing shots for 2 hours*

Ugh I'm nervous!

Can Deeper and Camilinator2370 come stand next to me please with their luggage.

I was just about to go to bed, what's going on ? :0

Deeper and Camilianator are you both present?

Oh shit dats me... *drunkingly walks up next to TJ*



Deeper and Camilianator2370, unfortunately....




























You'll be given the difficult task of picking the teams for this season of The Real Road 2: European Escapade.

Deeper your testing time was 5:30.17 and you got 1st place meaning you'll be team captain 1 and get first pick.

Camilianator your testing time was 7:03.83 and you got 2nd place meaning you'll be team captain 2 and get second pick.

Your job is to select 5 others to join you on your team. You WILL NOT be given their testing results until after teams have been finalized.

Deeper you may have 1st pick now.

Omg! Alright I'm gonna go with InternationalFan.

Camilinator you may now pick.

Now the game can begin

Sorry switching back and forth between the thread 

Is there a way I can see a list? Without having to switch