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Vevmo Future Games

Place where we can discuss about vevmo future games. Smile

Please not off topic, lets try to keep this clean for game/cast/host ideas 


SurVevmo: Victoria

Hosted by: LurkerNoMore

Big Brother Vevmo Takeover 2

Hosted by: Klounsnax2.0


Vevmo Games 7: The Inferno

Hosted by: Mr. Hauserman

Start Date: End of Summer 2017

Vevmo Games 8: Hyperlinked

Hosted by: Josh8793 (Co-Hosted by Flyguy and Klounsnax2.0)

Start Date: Following VG7



Format ideas people have liked :



Battle of the Seasons

Vets vs Rookies

Champions vs Challengers

I don't think Mafia V is gonna happen...

I don't think Mafia V is gonna happen...

im sorry kloun:'( i meant to get back to you but i was taking a placement test. I dont think i can host anything anytime soon:'(